Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign investment in land in The Bahamas is particularly encouraged in the area of hotel and resort development, upscale time-share, luxury condominiums and second-home development. The purchase of land by non-Bahamians for such purposes requires coordination with several government departments and, in certain circumstances, work permits for key personnel will be granted.

We are well versed on the investment incentive schemes which provide exemption from the payment of customs duties on building materials, equipment, business license fees and real property tax.

The Hotels Encouragement Act provides incentives to encourage the construction of hotels such as the refund of customs duties and emergency taxes and the exemption from certain taxation and it provides relief to existing hotels from certain taxation. We offer advisory services in the negotiation of such incentives with the Government of The Bahamas. We also offer advisory services in structuring condo-hotel developments with rental programs and applying for licencing under the Hotels Act.

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